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Mover Go2 RH3

Mover SX


EasyDriver Basic 1.6

EasyDriver Active 2.0

EasyDriver Active 2.3


Ranger S21


Mover Smart A

Mover XT


EasyDriver Pro 2.0

EasyDriver Pro 2.0 BPW-Hobby

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5 BPW-Hobby


Mammut M20

Mammut AMS2 S2x

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Reich - AL-KO Vario

Reich - BPW Vario

Reich - Touring

Tandem 2WD

2WD Mover XT2

Tandem 4WD

4WD Mover XT4

4WD Mammut TM4xx

4WD Mammut TS4xx

4WD EasyDriver Active 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8 BPW B2

4WD EasyDriver Infinity 3.5


Complete set

Lithium PowerXtreme

Lithium Reich MPP

Lithium Victron

Lithium Enduro

AGM Optima Yellow Top

VMF battery

Battery charger

Ctek Battery charger 12V

Ctek without 230v

Ctek Accessories

Lithium Battery charger 12V

Xenteq LBC 12V

Optimate Accessories


Mover Accessories



Standaard I

Standaard II

MoveControl Comfort

MoveControl Economy

MoveControl Economy Light

MoveControl Trend

MoveControl Cross

MoveControl Compact

MoveControl Ecoline

MoveControl EcoEasy

EasyDriver Basic 1.6

EasyDriver Basic 2.3

EasyDriver Basic 1.8

EasyDriver Active 1.8

EasyDriver Active 2.3

EasyDriver Active 2.0

EasyDriver Pro 1.8

EasyDriver Pro 2.3

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5

EasyDriver Pro 2.0


Carver kabel

Carver 16cm


Mover S

Mover Se

Mover Go2 RH1

Mover Go2 RH2

Mover SR

Mover SR2

Mover SX

Mover SeR

Mover XT

Mover Smart M

Mover Smart A

Mover Go2 RH3



1XL automaat






Mammut AMS1

Mammut M20

Ranger S21










EM304 Smart




EM405 Smart



P1 Manual

P1 Automatic








E-Go 200

E-Go 300

E-Go 400 Titanium

E-Go quattro


Prestige II


4WD/2WD MoveControl Economy

4WD/2WD MoveControl Comfort

4WD/2WD MoveControl Compact

4WD/2WD MoveControl Ecoline

4WD/2WD MoveControl EcoEasy

4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Basic 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Infinity 3.5


2WD Carver

2WD Mover Te

2WD Mover TeR

2WD Mover XT2

4WD Mover XT4

4WD Mover TeR4


4WD Mammut TM4xx

Victron PPP012030000 Peak Power Pack 30Ah 384Wh (5,4 kg)


Victron PPP012030000 Peak Power Pack 30Ah 384Wh (5,4 kg)

Victron PPP012030000 Peak Power Pack 30Ah 384Wh (5 4 kg)

The company Victron


Website Victron
With experience since 1975 Victron Energy enjoys an unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. Victron is a
world leader in the supply of self-supporting electrical power. Their products have been designed to meet the most demanding situations faced
by a diversity of craft, recreational and commercial alike. Victron's ability to meet the demand for customized off-grid systems is unprecedented.
Our product range includes sine wave inverters and inverter/chargers, battery chargers, DC/DC converters, transfer switches, gel and AGM
batteries, alternators, battery monitors, solar charge regulators, solar panels, complete network solutions and many other innovative solutions.

Leave your battery in the caravan during winter!

All the batteries that we sell can stay in the caravan during winter. You only need to follow our charging advice. Just charge it to the maximum and immediately disconnect the clamps afterwards. Every set we sell includes our charging advice, so you know how to maintain your battery optimally.

Connection on board network (Self-supporting)

We can connect our batteries to the board network of your caravan. This connection costs 220,- Euro s, materials included. With this connection you can use the 12V lighting, toilet, taps and pumps even if the caravan is not connected to a 230V network.
This connection works fully automatic ally. When the caravan doesn’t get energy from the car, and is not connected to 230V supply, the energy will be delivered by the mover battery instead. We place a fuse between the mover battery and the board network. This automatic switch doesn’t interfere with your car’s electronics. The battery will not be charged during driving. If you want the battery to get charged while driving we advise our complete set 4.


Warranty Victron

5 years Warranty

Victron has a strict dealer network. We are a registered dealer of this brand.

As a rule, you can not contact the manufacturer or importer directly with this brand.

Spare parts

If you have damage, or if there are problems after the warranty period, the brands PowrMover, Reich, Truma, and AL-KO offer an almost complete range of spare parts. So, if you have a small problem after the warranty period, you don't have to buy a whole new mover. You can often solve the problem with a separately ordered spare part. The spare parts of most movers are guaranteed available for 10 years. In addition, we have the most extensive range spare parts used and new in stock.


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We are, as our name says, a caravan mover shop. Here at CaravanMoverShop we sell a select range of high quality caravan movers from respected manufacturers such as AL-KO, Reich and Truma. We also offer a range of premium batteries and battery chargers for your mover.

Our expert knowledge means we are always able to recommend the perfect mover for you. Our product range is also available at all four or our branches so you are free to shop in store or online. We dispatch our orders daily (Monday-Friday) to reach you as quickly as possible. We provide comprehensive and up to date information about all of our products in here on our website.

If you require further information or have any questions, please send us an email. We can also be contacted by telephone (0031-857843666) every day. In the past we advertised in the following magazines: Camping Cars and Caravaning, Reisemobil, Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen (KCK), ACSI Freelife Magazine and Campingvizier.

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Reviews Victron PPP012030000 Peak Power Pack 30Ah 384Wh (5,4 kg)

2021-04-26, written by Bourgeois P.:

Bonjour Le mover a bien fonctionné hier je n ai pas eu besoin de votre assistance mais vos conseils avant l achat ont été judicieux. Merci encore. Cordialement. Bourgeois P.

2021-04-22, written by Wolfgang Z.:

Hallo Ich bin mit allem sehr zufrieden und das es so schnell ging( Einbau ca.2 Std.). Von dem Telefonat über das Bestellen und den Einbau + Übergabe. Drei Daumen hoch Danke Gruß Wolfgang

2020-11-04, written by Reinhard G.:

Hallo Herr Mulder heute wurde der bestellte Mover (Reich) hier vor Ort eingebaut. Ich moechte Ihnen und Ihrem Mitarbeiter ein grosses Lob aussprechen. Von der sehr guten Beratung und der sehr schnellen Kommunikation per eMail bis hin zum termingenauen Einbau mit einem sehr kompetenten und freundlichen Mitarbeiter ist Alles zu meiner groessten Zufriedenheit gelaufen. Dankeschoen. Reinhard G.

2020-02-05, written by Sebastian R.:

Guten Morgen Herr Mulder ich wollte mich nochmal ganz herzlich bedanken für den wirklich grandiosen Service bei euch. Vom kennenlernen im November auf der Messe bis zur jetzigen Ausführung der Arbeiten vom Mover und der super Beratung des Monteuers hat alles super geklappt. Ich bin wirklich begeistert das es sowas auch noch gibt. Vielen Dank und einen schönen Tag Ihnen. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Sebastian R.

2019-09-23, written by Burkhard W.:

Hallo Herr Mulder Vielen Dank für Ihre Mail ich denke der. Betrag ist auf Ihrem Konto auch eingegangen. Der Mover ist montiert und funktioniert hervorragend. Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung den netten Kontakt und die Vor Ort Beratung durch Ihren Monteur! Freundliche Grüße Burkhard W.

2019-06-26, written by Wouter R.:

Geachte heer Zie hieronder mijn ervaring met CaravanMoverShop. Een uitermate professionele installatie en uitleg van mijn Truma XT mover. Ook zeer tevreden met het kostenplaatje in vergelijk tot de concurentie. De Caravanmovershop kan ik zeer zeker aanbevelen als u op zoek bent naar een mover voor de caravan. Wouter R. Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPad

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