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The Ctek chargers are of high quality. The chargers are suitable for any lead-acid battery, as the wet, MF, AGM (Optima), Calcium and gel. The charger automatically adjusts the charging pattern to the battery and charges the battery correctly. In short, the battery charger begins to recognize the battery first, then loads with maximum power and eventually the battery charger switches over on a drop charge status. The charger also remembers, after a power failure, the set mode.

The Ctek's battery chargers were originally developed for Optima and are therefore ideal for an Optima battery. The software is so extensive that any lead-acid battery can be loaded with these chargers. A battery charger with trickle charging function is required to keep a battery in top condition.

In 2011 we have gained the right from Ctek to carry the "Certified Specialist Ctek" logo at our branches and our online shop. We are the only external webshop that is allowed to carry this logo. The logo is only given to specialists that have great knowledge of the Ctek products and their application. We are rightfully proud that we may carry this logo.
certified specialist ctek

Below you'll find a description of the general characteristics of the various Ctek Chargers. Then all the chargers will be briefly described. All Ctek chargers are electronically protected against reverse connection, short circuits and have spark protection. A Ctek charger is able to work on a very low voltage of 170 volts and is therefore easy to use on a campsite.

Type of coding

The Ctek chargers are logically numbered. First letters and then figures, for example the Ctek MXS 5.0. The letter M stands for multi, these loaders are adjustable to different voltages and, for example, a food stand. The S stands for 12V, the C for 6V and the T for 24 volts. The figures show what the loading capacity is.


The Ctek battery charger proceeds according to a fully automatic eight step charging procedure (not all steps are in every model):

1. Desulphation
A pulsating voltage removes sulphates of lead plates and restores the battery capacity.
2. Soft start
Start mode for the charging cycle. The start phase continues until the battery's terminal voltage has risen above a preset level, after which the charger switches to bulk charging. If the voltage on te battery terminals has not reached the set level within the pre-set time, charging will be aborted. Then there is a malfunction indicated. Then the battery is defective or it has too much capacity. If you have a large battery which is fully discharged, you may need to restart the charger after preset time.
3. Bulk
Main load, in which ca. 80% of charging takes place. The charger delivers maximum current until the voltage on the battery terminals reaches a preset level. After a number of hours the next step follows, even if the maximum voltage is not achieved.
4. Absorption
Complete charge. The battery's terminal voltage is maintained at the set level. During this phase, the flow will be reduced in sequential steps. If the maximum time for absorption is exceeded, the charger automatically switches over to analysis.
5. Analysis
The charging is interrupted for a short time and the battery voltage is measured. If it falls too quickly, the battery is probably defective.
6. Recond
If the battery is deeply discharged, the patented battery reconditioning function ensures the best possible recovery of the battery.
7. Maintenance charging-float
During the first 10 days of maintenance charging the battery is maintained with a constant voltage. The battery is now optimally loaded.
8. Maintenance charging-pulse
The charge level varies from 95% to 100%. The battery receives a pulse when the voltage drops. This keeps the battery in perfect condition when it is not in use. The charger can be connected for months. If the battery is charged and/or the battery's terminal voltage falls back, the charger starts a charging pulse until the battery's terminal voltage has reached the preset level. Then the charging pulse is paused and the cycle is repeated as long as the charger is in pulse maintenance phase. If the battery's terminal voltage drops even further, the charger automatically reverts back to the beginning of the charging curve. If possible, check the water level in the battery.

Not all steps are in any charger. In an 4-steps charger there are only step 1, 3, 4 and 8. We recommend an 8-step Ctek charger.


  • Loads lead-acid batteries (wet, MF, gel, AGM and calcium)
  • Maintenance pulse charging extends the life of the battery and delivers superior power. •POWER SUPPLY mode for float-maintenance to 100% charge (not on every charger).
  • Also charges almost completely empty batteries.
  • Enumeration of light sulphated batteries.
  • Four options: 14,4V, 14,7V, 13,6V/power 16V/fast charge. (not on every charger).
  • Low back current drain (see *).
  • Low ripple (see **).
  • Independent input voltage (170-260V).
  • Extremely efficient: 85%
  • Comes with two interchangeable connection cables, one with clips and one with eyelet terminals (not on the most powerful loaders).
  • The charger can be connected for months with minimal control, ideal for vehicles that are only used in certain seasons.
  • Compact design with mounting holes for permanent application.
  • 5 or a 2 year warranty.


  • Electronically safe, the charger will not bring damage to the electronics of the vehicle. For charging the battery it usually doesn't need not be disconnected. Please note that the manufacturer of the car always advises this.
  • Minimal gassing and a patent-pending spark protection system. (in the power mode the spark free function, however, does not work).
  • Short-circuit and reverse polarity.
  • Double insulated.
  • Protected against splash water and dust (IP65); approved for outdoor use (not all models).
  • Progressive temperature protection.
  • Tested and approved by Intertec SEMKO AB. With safety label, is compliant with the following standards: EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN55014-1.


To protect the charger from overheating, the chargers have a current limiter. The flow is reduced when the ambient temperature rises. The current also decreases when the charger is covered to protect them from damage. The charger continues to operate, but with a lower output. As soon as the ambient temperature drops, the stream is automatically increased.

Settings on the Ctek Chargers

The settings on the Multi XS loaders (not all options are always present):
1. setting: 14.4 Volt
Normal setting for wet, MF- and most gel-batteries.
2. setting: 14.7 Volt
This setting is recommended for charging batteries at temperatures lower than -5 °c. Also suitable for many AGM batteries.
3. setting: 13.6 Volt/Supply
In this mode, the charger delivers a constant voltage of 13,6V. This is the best maintenance mode for applications for which the maximum power of the battery is important. The Multi XS 7000 can also be used as power supply in this mode, without a battery. To start the charger in this mode there is no back pressure required. Remember: that the spark free function in this mode is disabled; the reverse polarity protection works well, but without indication.
4. setting: 16 Volt/Recond
This mode is used to recover deeply discharged and sulphated batteries (high acid weight at the bottom and low at the top). Remember that the battery should be fully charged first. Use this mode selective; the high tension can cause fluid loss. 16V is normally no problem for electronics with 12V-systems, but a maximum result and the smallest risk for electronics is achieved when the battery is disconnected.

Scope of supply

Most chargers we always have in stock. The delivery time is therefore just a few days. The chargers come with
  • A connection cable with clamps, colour-coded for hassle-free +/- distinction.
  • Eyelet terminals (colour-coded), if the charger has connectors.
  • A manual in English (and some other languages).
  • A pouch comes with the smaller loaders.
  • Downloadable invoice with warrenty.

Quick comparison between the 12V models

Ctek XS0.8 delivers 0,8A suitable for small batteries, 6 steps, 5 year warranty
Ctek Multi XS3.6 delivers 0.8 or 3.6A suitable for small batteries and batteries up to 77Ah, 4 steps, 5 year warranty, has winter mode.
Ctek Multi XS5.0 delivers 0.8 or 5A, suitable for small batteries and batteries up to 110Ah, 8 steps, 5 year warranty, features reconditioning function and winter mode.
Ctek Multi XS5.0 Test and Charge same as the 5.0, only with test program for batteries, 5 year warranty.
Ctek Multi XS5.0T renewed version of the 5.0 charger, with temperature compensation (voltage load depends on temperature), 5 year warranty.
Ctek Multi XS7.0 delivers 7A, suitable for batteries from 14 to 150Ah, 8 steps, 5 year warranty, features power supply, reconditioning function and winter mode.
Ctek Multi XS10.0 delivers 10A, suitable for batteries of 20 to 200Ah, 8 steps, 2 years warranty, features power supply, reconditioning function and winter mode.
Ctek Multi XS25 delivers 25A, suitable for batteries of 50 to 350Ah's, 8 steps, 2 years warranty, features power supply and reconditioning function.


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