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Mover Go2 RH3

Mover SX


EasyDriver Basic 1.6

EasyDriver Active 2.0

EasyDriver Active 2.3


Ranger S21


Mover Smart A

Mover XT


EasyDriver Pro 2.0

EasyDriver Pro 2.0 BPW-Hobby

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5 BPW-Hobby


Mammut M20

Mammut AMS2 S2x

Per merk





Reich - AL-KO Vario

Reich - BPW Vario

Reich - Touring

Tandem 2WD

2WD Mover XT2

Tandem 4WD

4WD Mover XT4

4WD Mammut TM4xx

4WD Mammut TS4xx

4WD EasyDriver Active 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8 BPW B2

4WD EasyDriver Infinity 3.5


Complete set

Lithium PowerXtreme

Lithium Reich MPP

Lithium Victron

Lithium Enduro

AGM Optima Yellow Top

VMF battery

Battery charger

Ctek Battery charger 12V

Ctek without 230v

Ctek Accessories

Lithium Battery charger 12V

Xenteq LBC 12V

Optimate Accessories


Mover Accessories



Standaard I

Standaard II

MoveControl Comfort

MoveControl Economy

MoveControl Economy Light

MoveControl Trend

MoveControl Cross

MoveControl Compact

MoveControl Ecoline

MoveControl EcoEasy

EasyDriver Basic 1.6

EasyDriver Basic 2.3

EasyDriver Basic 1.8

EasyDriver Active 1.8

EasyDriver Active 2.3

EasyDriver Active 2.0

EasyDriver Pro 1.8

EasyDriver Pro 2.3

EasyDriver Infinity 2.5

EasyDriver Pro 2.0


Carver kabel

Carver 16cm


Mover S

Mover Se

Mover Go2 RH1

Mover Go2 RH2

Mover SR

Mover SR2

Mover SX

Mover SeR

Mover XT

Mover Smart M

Mover Smart A

Mover Go2 RH3



1XL automaat






Mammut AMS1

Mammut M20

Ranger S21










EM304 Smart




EM405 Smart



P1 Manual

P1 Automatic








E-Go 200

E-Go 300

E-Go 400 Titanium

E-Go quattro


Prestige II


4WD/2WD MoveControl Economy

4WD/2WD MoveControl Comfort

4WD/2WD MoveControl Compact

4WD/2WD MoveControl Ecoline

4WD/2WD MoveControl EcoEasy

4WD EasyDriver Basic 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Basic 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Active 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Pro 3.1

4WD EasyDriver Pro 2.8

4WD EasyDriver Infinity 3.5


2WD Carver

2WD Mover Te

2WD Mover TeR

2WD Mover XT2

4WD Mover XT4

4WD Mover TeR4


4WD Mammut TM4xx

Terms and Conditions

Operational management
1 CaravanMoverShop
2 Applicability
3 Assortment and images
4 Privacy

5 Order
6 Payment
7 Delivery
8 Retention of title

9 Distance Selling Act
10 Liability
11 Warranty
12 Customer service
13 Complaints procedure
14 Final provisions

Operational management

1) CaravanMoverShop
The company is driven at the expense and risk of Mr. Jorg Mulder. The company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 180.661.38 and works under the following trade names: CaravanMoverShop, CaravanAccuShop and Maintenance charger. The company was established following a promotion in the Camping and Caravan Champion of the ANWB. You will find the contact details, VAT numbers, etc. under the heading contact. We can be found on the internet on various websites such as Onderhoudslader and CaravanMoverShop. The sites are recognizable by the uniform appearance.

2) Applicability
Our general terms and conditions apply to every offer from us and to every agreement concluded between us and another party. During the ordering process you must agree to the terms and conditions, which you can view online. At your request we will send it to you free of charge. We can send you the conditions set by the manufacturer of the product on request.

3) Assortment and images
We only purchase our products from reputable wholesalers. The products are therefore not obtained via the so-called parallel import or gray import. All our products therefore have a guarantee throughout Europe (members of the European Union). None of the items we sell is in violation of legal provisions.

All prices, descriptions and images as stated on the site are subject to change. If after ordering it appears that a price is incorrect, we will inform you as soon as possible about this error and we will try to find a solution for the inconvenience.

We provide a guarantee on the products supplied by us; see our guarantee scheme. However, we are never liable for damage (direct and /or indirect) caused by the (dis) functioning of the products. Our limited liability is never contrary to the Law.

We guarantee that the products and /or services comply with the agreement, the specifications stated in the offer, the reasonable requirements of reliability and /or usability and the statutory provisions and /or existing on the date of the conclusion of the agreement. or government regulations. If agreed, the entrepreneur also guarantees that the product is suitable for other than normal consumer use. You have a warranty against manufacturing defects. There is no guarantee for user errors and normal wear. The warranty is determined according to the manufacturer's terms and conditions, at your request we will provide it to you.

All information and images used on our website come in part from the websites of the manufacturers and /or importers, for example from, or from We try to keep all information as current as possible; but we are not the one who puts the product on the market and therefore we cannot vouch for changed specifications. We cannot accept any liability for the information on our website. We advise you to contact the manufacturer for the most up-to-date product information.

Every offer is valid until cancellation. Each offer contains a description of the products and /or services that is as complete and accurate as possible. Obvious mistakes or errors in the offer do not bind us. Each offer contains such information that the customer is clear about the rights and obligations that are attached to accepting the offer.

4) Privacy
Your privacy is our top priority. You can find our privacy statement via this link:

link to the privacy statement


5) Order
You can order products by filling in the form on the website. You can also place orders by telephone and in any other way. We recommend that you enter the order on the site. When ordering via the website, you will receive an e-mail with information about the ordered items, the quantity, the price, the other costs and other information. If you find an imperfection in this mail, you are requested to report this as soon as possible. You are deemed to have read the terms and conditions. If delivery has not yet taken place, you can change or cancel the order free of charge.

6) Payment
Payment can take place in various ways. Under the heading ordering information you can find detailed information about the method of payment that we use. If you opt for an online payment, it is protected by the payment method provider.
Most payments are made in advance by paying the amount by iDEAL or Paypal. You can also choose to make the payment afterwards, if we agree, the payment term is 7 days. If the payment is not made, all costs incurred to collect the amount will be charged to you. You must also pay the statutory interest from the moment of delivery on the unpaid amount.
When picking up at one of our locations, you can pay by debit card or cash.
7) Delivery
Delivery will take place as soon as possible after payment or order. The estimated delivery time is stated for each product, we try to meet these delivery times. If the delivery time is unexpectedly longer, we are never liable for damage caused by late delivery.

We generally ship our goods with a parcel service such as UPS, PostNL. The conditions of this company apply.

Transport damage is our risk, but the obligation to prove lies with you. Of course we are lenient, but you have to pay attention. When you receive a package you sign for good reception. You therefore sign that you have received the package in good condition. If the package is damaged; do not sign or have it noted that you received it with damage.

You can download the invoice via the order overview.

8) Retention of title
Delivery takes place subject to retention of title. This means that all goods delivered by us remain the property of us, until the moment that the buyer has fully complied with his obligations to us, this is understood to be the consideration (s), usually payment obligation, with regard to the delivered item or items to be delivered and any claims for non-compliance by the buyer with the agreements.

The items supplied by us that fall under this retention of title may not be resold. The buyer is also not authorized to pledge the goods or to establish any other right on the goods except in favor of us.


9) Distance Selling Act
When purchasing products that are sent, the consumer has the option to dissolve the agreement without giving any reason during the cooling-off period of 14 days. The reflection period starts on the day after receipt of the product by or on behalf of the consumer.
During the cooling-off period, the consumer will handle the product and the packaging with care. He will only unpack or use the product to the extent necessary to assess whether he wishes to keep the product. If user tracks can be found, this will be settled with the amount to be reimbursed. If he makes use of his right of withdrawal, will he include the product with all accessories and? if reasonably possible - return to us in its original condition and packaging.
For deliveries to non-consumers we have no right of return or termination of the agreement. There is also no right to return or dissolution of the agreement with mounted products. Parts of movers are specially ordered for you; these do not fall under the right of return. If you return parts, the costs will be charged. Products that have been established in accordance with the buyer's specifications are excluded from the right of withdrawal.
If you want to return a product after these 14 days, that is no problem, as long as the product is current and in good condition. We have a very generous return policy after this period.

If you want to send something back, mail us at for instructions, don't just send it. We are not bothered about time limits, it is annoying when a product is sent to a closed location. When products are returned, we pass on the transport costs incurred by us.

10) Liability
We are not liable for damage caused to you, to third parties or to material or non-material items caused by the products sold by us. Subject to the responsibility arising from the law. Before using the goods you have purchased, you should read the manual and contact us in case of questions or ambiguities.

11) Warranty
All our products come with a warranty against manufacturing defects. When ordering you will see the guarantee period as given by the manufacturer or the importer of the products. This warranty is performed by the manufacturer or importer. In addition to the factory warranty, we also provide a warranty on the product. This warranty period is one year for all products supplied by us.

All warranty claims based on (improper) use, wear, software errors, falls, bumps, water, etc. will not be processed. If we cannot exclude the guarantee in advance or in other situations, the claims will be processed as follows.

If a defect is found, you must report this immediately and at the latest within 90 days by email. Many problems are not actually product problems, but user errors and the inconvenience can easily be solved by yourself. We will therefore ask you a few questions. We will then ask you to complete a guarantee form. After receiving this form you will receive a guarantee number within a few days. You can send the defective goods to us or to the address indicated by us stating this number.

The date on which we receive the package is the date of the warranty claim. If the defect falls under the guarantee scheme, we will provide a solution. All transport costs are for your account. You can also deliver and pick up the product at one of our locations.

After reporting the problem, you must ensure that the product is with us within the warranty period. You must also always have returned the product within 6 months of reporting the problem.

Some manufacturers have a door-to-door service. This warranty is issued by the manufacturer and not by us. The manufacturer's warranty conditions then apply.

In addition, CaravanMoverShop offers you the option of having (warranty) work carried out at your home. We will then charge costs.

The guarantee is transferable to the next buyer against payment of 10% of the purchase price of the product with a minimum of 45 euros.

Upon submission as a guarantee, you transfer ownership. It is not possible to get returned goods, both when honoring or when the claim is rejected. If you have a repair carried out with us, the products that we replace are transferred to us in ownership.

12) Customer service
Customer service can be reached by telephone or by e-mail. See the contact page for details. We are open to all your questions and comments and answer them as quickly as possible.

13) Complaints procedure
If you have a complaint about the product, service or service, you can contact us by telephone or email or visit us. We will always ask you to describe the complaint (briefly) by e-mail. Your complaint will be processed as quickly as possible and in any case within 14 days. We will do our best to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible, if justified.

14) Final provisions
Our general conditions do not affect the conditions stated in the Act. We guarantee proper processing of your order, any return shipment or warranty claim. If you believe that we are acting contrary to the law, public order or morality, we ask that you inform us of your dissatisfaction.

Before you place an order, you will have the opportunity to read these conditions. We therefore assume that you confirm yourself to these conditions.

The conditions drawn up in the Dutch language apply and only a Dutch court is accepted as arbitration.

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