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Assemble a mover yourself

When you are installing the mover yourself we recommend this installation set.

This set contains:
- 8 meter flexible black tube
- 25 pieces plastic holders (non-corrosive) for the tube with screws
- 1 tube of sealant

With this set you protect the cables of the mover over the full length. The manufacturer often supplies a small length of flexible tube to protect the cables around the chassis. When we install a mover we put the cables completely in this tube till the inside of the caravan. The holes through the bottom of the caravan are completely sealed with the flexible sealant.

Fitting of a CaravanMover

Mounting a mover can be a challenge because there are many differences in the type of chassis. The actual assembly takes most of our customers 4 to 10 hours, and of course also the preparation time. Below you will find a report of an assembly. Always follow the manual. We recommend that you have the mover installed by us in one of our branches or at another location, for example at your home.



After having performed these initial checks, you will get to the real thing. Assembling the mover. The mover is largely supplied pre-assembled. If you remove the parts from the package, you will immediately see how to mount the mover. The two motors are usually already on a short tube, the connecting tube is placed between them. From the motors come cables that are connected to the electronics box. The electronics box is clearly marked. The battery also works with two clear cables.
It is easiest to make the necessary workspace in the caravan. In this report we mounted the mover under a caravan without using a lift bridge. The caravan is tilted to the maximum to create sufficient space for assembly. The installation of a mover can therefore take place at almost any location.


PowrMover 1XL


We start with the installation of the motors.
To get good access to the underside of the caravan, turn the nose wheel out as far as possible. Apply the parking brake and place blocks under the front supports.

After you have attached the two mover motors to the chassis with the connecting tube, the mover must be adjusted. First, the mover is adjusted in width; Make sure the mover is clear of the shock absorber and sidewall of the tire. It is best to push the mover against the tires to determine the maximum width of the mover. After you have set the width, you can fix the connecting tube with a few screws. Then the distance from the belt to the rollers must be adjusted. A spacer block is included for this. Slide the mover against this block and then secure the clamping plates. Be careful not to overtighten the bolts. You won't be the first to break a screw or nut because too much force is applied to it. Therefore use a torque wrench to tighten everything.

The installation of the mechanics is very simple in terms of time for most customers.


Raise the caravan to the maximum

You can already assemble the parts of the mover. You must then adjust the rod to the correct distance. To do this, measure the distance under the caravan and mark this on the rod:


The fixing of the motors is usually done by first fixing one side and then the other side. Make sure that the shock absorber does not (just) touch the mover:





Then measure the distance with the supplied spacer block and adjust the mover to the correct position and fix it.



The end result is this:


Installation electronics

Connecting the electronics properly and neatly hiding the cables takes the most time. A good place for the battery must be chosen. Most batteries must be removed from the caravan during winter storage. Only a few batteries, including the Optima AGM batteries, may remain in the caravan, provided they are 100% charged and disconnected.
The battery is charged by a charger. If your caravan already has a charger, you may be able to connect the battery to it, but be well informed. If there is no 220V connection point at the battery charger, you must realize this. The control box can easily be fixed to a wall or possibly to the bottom of the caravan.

Drill 2 24mm holes through the floor where the cables can be fed. Check beforehand that there are no cables or (gas) pipes in the way! Slide the cables in through the holes and connect them to the control box. Secure the flex tube with the supplied clamps and then seal the holes.

Securing the cables to the electronics is not difficult, but pay attention to the polarization. Check every connection. If you accidentally reversed plus and minus of the motors, the result is only that the mover does exactly the opposite of what you want. If you interchange the plus and minus of the battery, this has very negative consequences for the electronics of the mover.



Basic station
Drill 2 24mm holes through the floor for the cables to pass through. Check beforehand that there are no cables or (gas) pipes in the way!
Slide the cables in through the holes and connect them to the control box. Secure the flex tube with the supplied clamps and then seal the holes.



Securing the cables to the electronics is not difficult, but note the polarization. Check every connection.


Connection of cabling to control box


Connected with wiring

With this caravan the main switch is mounted here:


The Optima battery is placed in a battery box in this case. An Optima battery does not actually need a battery box and can also be easily secured without a battery box. We provide a special frame for this in our package.


The mounted mover

Assume that assembling the mover takes a day's work. You can use the mover immediately after installation. It is highly recommended to practice before using the mover in difficult places. The operation is simple, but it is good to check in a spacious place how the mover reacts.
Our advice is to walk circles around the caravan while shunting so that you keep a good overview. The operation of the mover is not complicated and completely safe. When you release the buttons on the remote control, the caravan will stop in a very short time.


The mover is ready for use. The chosen mover is a manual version. The rollers must therefore be placed on the tires by hand:


The mover is immediately ready for use:


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